Advertising in Online Games and Cultural Diversity

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Advertising in Online Games and Cultural Diversity
Thomas Steiner

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Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, Table of Cases, Table of Legislation, List of Abbreviations and Acronyms 6.90
Introduction 6.90
Chapter 1: Enter the Matrix of Online Games and In-game Advertising 6.90
1. Introduction
2. Online games: A Typology
3. Online games: The state of play
4. Drivers of the industry
5. Rising costs
6. In-game Advertising: A typology
7. In-game Advertising: A new source of revenue for Online games providers
8. In-game Advertising: New opportunities for advertisers
9. Conclusion
Chapter 2: Policy Perspectives: Advertising, Online games and Cultural Diversity 6.90
1. Starting premises
2. Remarks from a historical-sociological perspective: Why the scepticism about Advertising?
3. Advertising regulation in european broadcasting law: Policy and concepts
4. Cultural diversity motives as underlying rationales for Advertising's regulation
5. Cultural diversity as a concept and a public policy objective
6. Conclusion
Chapter 3: EC Media Law Enquiries 6.90
1. Introduction
2. Online games and the scope of the AVMS Directives
3. The regulation of in-game Advertising in the framework of the AVMS Directive
4. Cultural diversity and the regulation of Advertising in the digital era
5. "Analogue" concepts for digital games?
6. Considering "European Works"
7. Conclusion
Chapter 4: Online games Under WTO Law: Unresolved Classification Issues 6.90
1. Introduction
2. The different architectures of gatt and gats and the implications for online games
3. The views of state and non-state actors
4. Online games as complex products combining software and content services
5. Conclusions
Chapter 5: Government-assisted Governance of In-game Advertising 6.90
1. Mapping the way towards a synthesis
2. The implementation of the AVMS Directive: Cooperation of public and private actors in networks
3. Self-Regulation of the online games industry
4. Government-assisted Governance: The coe's human rights guidelines for online games providers
5. Conclusion
Conclusion 6.90
Annex 6.90
Annex 1: Pegi online safety code ("POSC")
Annex 2: Human Rights guidelines for online games providers
Bibliography 6.90

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